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Color Filter Characteristics

1. The color filters were developed to best deal with changing light conditions. They have been

specially adapted to the most common conditions in archery.

2. Yellow: A bright, wake-up lens in medium

to low light conditions with high contrast

technology. This lens increases color

saturation and highlights the edges of


3. Blue: Designed to highlight the center of

the target. Eliminates all distracting reds,

calms and allows the eye to relax and

focus without visual distraction. A good

solution especially in medium to low light


4. Gray: The balancing glass in full sun to

medium light. Provides balanced yet rich

color definition. Improves contrast and

perception of spatial depth.

5. Red: Designed to improve clarity and

contrast. Optimally highlights target edges

and the boundary between peep and

scope. Calms visibility in full sun and is

ideal for open landscapes in bright


Light Master Farb Filter

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